July 31st, 2009


Green Man Contest

Meegedaan aan een wedstrijd over de welke kaart de mythologische Green Man zou kunnen zijn in de Voyager Tarot, uitgeschreven in de Newsletter van augustus van James Wanless. Fun to do. 

                 Photo Simon Garbutt


In the Voyager deck, which card would you ascribe as the best example of the mythic and legendary "Green Man?" Best written out answers win Half Price Reading from Captain Pick A Card. (You don't need to enter these contests to win a Reading, but just to enter)."

Mijn bijdrage:

Thinking about the Green Man, I see him carved into stone, because it is in that way I meet him. I see him on the ceiling of churches and portals, at the border of paintings and fresco’s. It makes me sad. There is not much room for the Green Man this way, carved in stone, frozen in paint, no place for his wild and tender nature. My first choice as a card for the Green Man was Devil’s Play: I want to free him. 


I want to see him leaping off the rings of Saturn, coming down from the ceiling of churches, taking the center of paintings, inviting us to the sound and smell of nature, of fun and play. But there is something worrisome in that card for the Green Man. It is the goat-god Pan, no respect for the boundaries of women at all, and I do not want that for the Green Man. The Sensor, the woman of Wands, this free and wild dancing woman, intuitive, powerful and protective is more like him.

And yet, though carved in stone, there is not one card that can hold him: the Green Man is the Hanged Man too, in the sacrifice he makes each year: to die in the harvest as grain and grapes.