May 29th, 2008

Psalm 119 and the Tarot, Faith Box

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For some time now I am working on the second course of Psalm 119, the second 7 stanzas and the second 7 cards of the Major Arcane. One of the assignments in the course will be the making of a faith box with a symbol of their faith on it. A box in which you can put things, correlates with the second row of cards, because these are about the inner world and our inner responses to the world outside.

I ask them to write the name of their most important deity inside the box. That is a help for me in conversations, because often I am at loss how each student names the divine, and sometimes the students themselves do not know a name for it.

I wanted to make a flowering cross. It was in my mind for a long time, but in the end I made a second one with the hand of God on it.


To get the students on their way they can choose symbols and cut them out, but I expect they will come up with their own. 


This is a flowering cross.


The second box has the hand of God on it. 

Fools Oracle

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I tried a spread for a course today (Psalm 119 the third part, the last 7 Majors and the Fool). The course starts with the card of the Devil and ends with the Fool. I did not want to start with the Devil. The theme for it in this course (not normally) is ‘evil’. This is not really something nice and encouraging for a first encounter with a group and a subject. Therefore I will start with the Fool, the last card of the course. I made a ‘Fools Oracle’ with all sorts of spiritual questions. Participants will pull a question from this oracle, an important and leading question in their spiritual life and in the course. 

Notes can be made on cards with holes, bound together with a cord. The card with the question will stay on top until the last lesson. 

The question that I pulled from the Fools Oracle for myself is: “What is my destiny?” 


After pulling a question, the participants draw a tarot card for more information about it. My card is Knight of Wands from the RWS. I need to stop and stand still to reflect, but most of all I need to regain enthusiasm and passion. Hopefully working on the question of my destiny, woven into the assignments of this course, will give me this. But to be honest, the question is more important than the answer.