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For the course on Psalm 119 and the tarot (second row of seven cards and seven stanza’s) I thought ‘surrender’ was an good theme (... a difficult one too…). The work on this theme will be a home work assignment. It is a spread that consists of two questions. I decorated the cards to make them my own; I have put them in my faith box.

1.What does surrender mean to me and what feelings does it evoke?
2.What does surrendering to the divine (God, goddess, spirit, Inner Flame, Spirit) mean to me, and what does it bring me?

1. I pulled Ten of Swords from the Robin Wood Tarot as an answer to what surrendering means to me and what feelings it evokes. Surrendering means feeling powerlessn to me. I decorated the card wit a huge black border: I also feel boxed in; there is no escape, only surrender is possible. But there is hope in surrendering for me. The yellow on the card is the hope and the color is really strong. 


2.The second card was the Knight of Cups and gave an answer to what surrendering to the divine means to me and what it brings me. 


It brings me many emotions, lots of tears and relaxation. That makes me active again and powerful. That process makes me feel that I have a valuable cup in my hand.

I felt that the first and the second question belonged to each other. The black colors of the Ten of Swords flow into the water of this card (the other card is actually pasted on the back of this one). The yellow of the hope of the Ten of Swords flows into the cup of the knight. 
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