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Psalm 119, Strength

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For the spread for Strength (related to the Hebrew letter Kaph,and the verses 81-88 from Psalm 119) in the course about Psalm 119 and the Tarot I have choosen a story a from a Chassidic Rabbi. 

This is the story as it is told by Jack Moline.

“Rabbi Simcha Bunam used to say, "Every person should have two pockets. In one, [there should be a note that says] bishvili nivra ha'olam, 'for my sake was the world created.' In the second, [there should be a note that says] anokhi afar va'efer, 'I am dust and ashes.'"” 

It is important to know what note to use in different circumstance, when to let go of the ego, and when to stimulate a feeling of greatness.It is important to know, when to give the lion room, and when to let in the white lady (from the card). Often a combination between these humility and greatness is needed. I was very happy to have found this story (In Sacred Therapy by Estelle Franklin), not wanting to stress humility only. That is difficult because humility is very much stimulated in spiritual traditions, thinking that people are inclined to be egoistic. I do not agree with that. 

The spread consists of three cards.

1.Dust and Ashes
Question: When is it beneficial for me to realize that I am nothing more than dust and ashes?
The answer I received was the Page of Wands from the Robin Wood tarot (all pictures are scrapbooked). 


When I have many ideas and when I am very enthusiast, it is beneficial for me to realize that I am one with the universe, belonging and sharing myself with everything there is. Realizing that I am dust and ashes enhances my joy.

2.For my sake was the world created 
Question: When is it beneficial to realize that the universe is created for me? 
My answer was the Two of Wands from the Robin Wood Tarot. 


When I must make a decision about what to do it is important to realize that I myself am important. It is uplifting and gives me a tool for making my choice.

3.The right balance for this moment
Question: What is the right balance for this moment?
For me at this moment the answer is the Sun from the Robin Wood Tarot. 


Putting myself in the center (card 2), while feeling the support of the universe to which I belong (card 1).
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