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The subject of my card today is "dealing with the evil in myself", how I cope or handle it. It is an odd subject for the end of the year, but I have been busy with making a spread and a newsletter about the subject of Old year and New year for a couple of days, and I wanted to do this as well, because I need to practice it one way or the other. The question belongs to the course about Psalm 119 part three, to the Devil card, together with the Hebrew letter Samech and a stanza from the Psalm. There is a connection (escpecially this article about the Samech is wonderful) but it is too complicated to explain in the confinements of an entry.

The card that I pulled for how I deal with the evil in me is Four of Cups from the RWS. The card depicts me. I reflect on my wrongdoings which is good, but I hang on them far too long. It is hard to see the cup of forgiveness that is presented too me.

When I reworked the card with pencils, I tried to make the presented cup alluring, but I did not succeed in making it attractive enough to let me take a look. I just did not look at it. So stubborn. It makes me laugh. It is not the cup that needs working on, it is me. 

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