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Psalm 119 and the Tarot, Faith Box

Originally posted by ladyofthemoor at Psalm 119 and the Tarot, Faith Box

For some time now I am working on the second course of Psalm 119, the second 7 stanzas and the second 7 cards of the Major Arcane. One of the assignments in the course will be the making of a faith box with a symbol of their faith on it. A box in which you can put things, correlates with the second row of cards, because these are about the inner world and our inner responses to the world outside.

I ask them to write the name of their most important deity inside the box. That is a help for me in conversations, because often I am at loss how each student names the divine, and sometimes the students themselves do not know a name for it.

I wanted to make a flowering cross. It was in my mind for a long time, but in the end I made a second one with the hand of God on it.


To get the students on their way they can choose symbols and cut them out, but I expect they will come up with their own. 


This is a flowering cross.


The second box has the hand of God on it. 
Tags: la verna, psalm 119

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