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Psalm 119, Temperance

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I have worked on the course about psalm 119 again, and practiced the reading for Temperance today, the card for the last lesson of the second part of the course. 

In the stanza that corresponds with the card (119:105-112) are the famous words written: “Your word is a lamp for my foot”. I had to do something with these words in the spread, they are so famous. But I wanted also something with the theme of oppositions and integration, because oppositions were very much a theme in this second part of the course. The opposition and integraton theme was far too complicated, and I could not get the lamp-words in, so it became a fairly straight-forward spread. Keyword of the lesson is balance, finding a new balance with each new challenge, by the mixing of the cups and the help of the lamp in the psalm. The lamp of the psalm corresponds with the mixing of the cups. Both are an instrument to find balance, finding the way to go forward.

Card 1 depicts a challenge, a challenge that is formulated beforehand, but the card gives more information. I drew the Fool from the Robin Wood as my challenge. 


My challenge is to be more carefree, daring to make mistakes, not worrying so much if I do it right or not. 

Card 2 is the ‘lamp before my foot ‘ which lights my way and helps me with my challenge. I received an even wilder card than the Fool. It is the Knight of Wands, an extremely fiery one. 


I was really scared getting this card as the lamp before my foot. In my drawing I have placed it before my foot, and who knows it is hurrying me in the abyss. Hopefully the angels Waite expected to be there, will pick me up when I fall in.

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